Read how to download page for information about MD5 Code.

Novel/fanfic update(s):

  • Rokujouma : Volume 22 + all side stories translated until now uploaded (4/17/2017)
  • Danmachi : Volume 8 uploaded (4/25/2017)
  • My friend and I decided to pre-order Log Horizon Volume 8. Since I live in one of the third world country, don’t expect it soon. But let’s see what I can do.

Patch Update

Danmachi Sword Oratoria Ep.3 patch is up.

Again, sorry for (super) late release. I just got my HDD back after I lost 360 GB collection of game and software. Good thing I got my anime and manga collection backed up.

Ep.3: DDL

Oh, and I set up cloud storage for my collection in KumpulBagi. It’s free and has unlimited storage. Check it if you want.